Our Story

"What is the best, most efficient and most effective way to nourish a society when considering factors such as health, logistics, socio-economics and our environment?"

For the last few years, Chris Taylor has been trying to find a practical solution to this question. With an early background in mathematics and computing, a career in cooking, a passion for natural medicine, a spinal injury and a leaky gut, he couldn't help but try! 3 years ago, with the help of Anurag Thapli, a prototype was created and tested as 'Fit n Fed' at Industrial Fitness gym in Queenstown. The results have been staggeringly good.

By creating a system of calorie counted meals of reasonably similar macro content, and of whole, top quality, fresh foods, the system enabled professional athletes to victory, but it also worked just as effectively at weight loss and even to combat various health conditions. So the stage was set to expand on this system and then make it available to the whole community to benefit from. And Hippo Crates was born!

You may be familiar with the ancient Greek doctor philosopher Hippocrates? 'Let food be thy medicine, medicine be thy food'. We stand by this quote and truly believe that eating correctly is the key to good health and longevity. But what is eating correctly? There are so many conflicting opinions out there that we get lost and confused. It would seem that there isn't just one correct answer, that's why our system allows for some control and nuance to every single one of you, to make our meal plans, your meal plan.

We've taken inspiration from all over the world to turn the beautiful produce of New Zealand into international cuisine so that our food will never get repetitive. Meat, starchy carbs and veg could look like plain chicken, boiled rice and steamed broccoli. With a bit of love it's a delicious Chicken Tikka Masala with Pilau Rice. We know what we'd rather be eating.

We want to see a change in the food system that is currently in place. New Zealand is abundant in world class produce but it doesn't necessarily get to the places and people that it should. Waste is prolific with tonnes of it going in the bin every year. We waste nothing at Hippo Crates. We also save on power as we're just one kitchen and we'll save you time and fuel money from going to the shop, and more time and money from your own kitchen's power bills. So we invite you to come on a journey with us, to change the way we sustain ourselves, for the benefit of ourselves, our environment and our community.

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local meat

Lamb and eggs are proudly sourced from the pastures of Royal Burn.

no seed oils

We only cook with beef tallow, butter, olive oil and coconut oil.

no refined sugar

We sweeten with Raw Local Honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.

wheat free

We fuel you with potatoes, kumara and rice.