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At Hippo Crates, we believe that nutrition should be uncomplicated and enjoyable. That's why we offer customisable meal plans that eliminate the guesswork from healthy eating. Our meal plans ensure that you receive the ideal balance of calories and nutrients to fuel your body and support your health goals. Our rotating bi-weekly menu of 20 dishes will change 4 times throughout the year alongside the seasons to maximise variety for you and allow us to plan with seasonal produce. The current menu can be found at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Customise Your Meal Plan

Visit our 'Subscribe Now' page to create a Subscription that’s tailored to you, your family or your colleagues. Use our Calorie Calculator at the top of the 'Subscribe Now' page if you are unsure of how much you should be eating. Or, if you would like some assistance creating a subscription, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts at or simply schedule a phone call or an in person consultation with the button here:

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Discount is applied at Checkout, the bigger the Subscription, the more discount you will receive...

  • Spend $110 per week for 5% off
  • Spend $165 per week for 10% off
  • Spend $220 per week for 12.5% off
  • Spend $275 per week for 15% off
  • Spend $330 per week for 17.5% off
  • Spend $385 per week for 20% off

Meals selected are PER DAY, you can choose which days in the next section. If you would like different meals on different days, multiple subscriptions can be set up under one account.

A meat based, 600 calorie Lunch / Dinner with regular carbs contains on average 40g Protein and weighs between 400g - 500g. They are nutrient dense, specifically designed to give you maximum energy and curb unnatural cravings.

300 calorie, 600 calorie, 900 calorie and 2400 calorie family sized portions are available. These can be made Dairy Free and / or Low Carb. If you choose a Low Carb option, we will replace the starchy carb (rice / potato etc) with some more vegetables and a healthy fat source (butter / olive oil / cheese / egg / avocado) to make up the calories (+$1.50 per 600 calorie meal).

Vegetarian options are available in all sizes but NOT available in Low Carb or Dairy Free.

Specific distastes such as mushrooms or coriander can be catered for. Ingredients such as onion for example go into our sauces and therefore cannot. Please contact us first if you have any specific requests as we may or may not be able to cater to it. Any allergies MUST be declared through communication with the team. Please write anything you feel we need to know in the Order Notes box.

Step 2: Receive Your Meals

Our ready to eat meal plans supply a maximum of 2 days' worth of food at a time, guaranteeing that your meals are always fresh and at their peak quality.

Depending on your chosen meal plan, we deliver up to 3 times a week on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 5.30PM to 9PM. The first 2 deliveries are $7 each, the 3rd delivery is Free.

Our delivery run is residential urban areas only. Arthurs point - Arrowtown - Lake Hayes Estate - Shotover Country - Frankton - Hanleys Farm - Jacks Point - Kelvin Heights - Queenstown - Fernhill . If you are able to collect your meals, you can do so for free from Industrial Fitness Gym after 6 PM on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays (or the following morning).

Step 3: Enjoy Your Meals

Heat your meal in the microwave for 2.5 mins or put it on a plate in the oven for 20 mins. Our meal plans remove the stress and uncertainty from healthy eating, allowing you to concentrate on the busy lives that we live in the modern world. Use the time to exercise, socialise or get your side-hustle going! But don't compromise on what you're putting into your body, you'll thank yourself for it.

At Hippo Crates, we're passionate about reconnecting food with health, nourishment, and well-being. We believe that food is your medicine, and we're here to help you take charge of your eating habits and become the best version of yourself.

local meat

Lamb and eggs are proudly sourced from the pastures of Royal Burn.

no seed oils

We only cook with beef tallow, butter, olive oil and coconut oil.

no refined sugar

We sweeten with Raw Local Honey, maple syrup or coconut sugar.

wheat free

We fuel you with potatoes, kumara and rice.